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We are here to create a place for people to gather and assist our community. Join us in our ministries.

Here at Lord of Life we have different ministries and groups including Women of Worship, Owl’s, Choir, and Bags Of Love. We also enjoy each others company at information gatherings, like seasonal dinners. Everyone in the church and the community are invited to join our groups and have a great time getting to know one another. We encourage you to find out more about our ministries. For more specific information or a full list of our events and ministries, please contact us.

Bags Of Love

We pack these Bags Of Love to aid and assist the homeless in Wisconsin. We are always excepting donations for those we are helping. All items can be dropped off at Lord of Life Church. We have a donation box by the main entrance if we are not here. Love

OWLS—Older Wiser Lutherans

The Lord of Life OWL’S Group meets on a monthly basis during the Fall through Spring months with a break for the Summer vacations. Enjoy Fellowship and Socializing (taking a break and having some fun) with fellow Congregation Members and other guests/visitors. There are really no membership requirements, so anyone and everyone is invited to join us for the Luncheons. We do patronize our local restaurants and try to provide a little variety, however the group is open to suggestions if you would like to try some new and different restaurants. We are also open and receptive to guest speakers or presentations that may be of interest to the group.

A sign-up sheet is posted monthly at Lord of Life Church for head counts, or you may call Church and make the reservation for attendance. So, the invitation is open to all and we hope you will join us for our future Luncheons. Just be prepared to relax and have some fun and laughs with our Lord of Life Church Family Members and other invited guests.

Women Of Worship

The Women of Worship group or WOW is made up of members and friends of Lord of Life Church. The group welcomes people of all ages to join our group. Our mission is to serve our community and reach out to other countries in need. We meet the first Sunday of each month to discuss outreach projects and fellowship events.

Some of the community events we have been involved in are; food drives at Piggly Wiggly for our Oconomowoc Food Pantry, Baby Shower for Safe Babies/ Healthy Families in Waukesha, book drive for Hope Center in Waukesha and collecting money and shoes for Lake Country Shoes That Fit. We are especially proud of our Bags of Love, and Hope and Renewal.

It is not all work and no play. We also get together to learn various crafts and have some fun getting to know one another. We invite all to join us and feel good about helping our community and others in need around the world.